Our B2B Book is Almost Ready To Run!


We’re very excited to say that our new B2B book for business owners is almost ready to print.

Over the last three months, my copywriter and I have been developing ideas and concepts concerning B2B lead generation and putting them into a book.

This book is for businesses of any size, looking to stop wasting their money on expensive marketing agencies and bring all their lead generation in-house.

This video is all about the writing process, and serves as a Part 2 to our earlier video, “How To Lose Your Wits and Alienate Your Co-Workers: Thoughts on Writing.”

Want to bring your lead generation in-house, but can’t wait for the book? Head over to www.flexxable.com and take watch our FREE case study.

Whether you’re struggling to generate leads, entice the high-paying clients, or even hire new staff, Flexxable can guide you towards the good decisions.

If you’ve got any other questions, comments, or just want a general lead-gen chat, you can write to us on our social media sites, including our other blogs and Facebook.

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