YouTube Advertising And The Creative Process

Today’s post is all about getting creatives done and shot for your YouTube true view ads. If you don’t know what those are, they are the skippable ads that occur before the videos that you want to watch, and you can’t skip them for the first five seconds.

The thing is, with these type of ads, many agencies out there don’t think they have the “know-how” and the skills to be able to create these video ads.

But that’s a myth. A lot of people think it’s hard, but the way that we teach it, the way that we do it makes it easy and very well worth it. The fewer people that can do this, the better. In my opinion, it’s gonna be less competition.

1. Do the Videos Yourself (if you can)

If you own an agency or you’re advertising on behalf of your own product or brand or even your client’s, then the cheapest and fastest way to do this is set up a video much like I’m doing here.

It may not be the best video in the world, and you may be shy in front of the camera. Still, sometimes you’ve gotta put yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s worth using a video like this to test and see if it works and gain some experience.


2. Hire Actors (if you don’t want to do it yourself)

We have a checklist, on how to hire actors, how to give them release forms so you can use their content, it’s a complete resource guide to getting the creative done and how to do this, and we’ll give that to you below.

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You can hire actors for your brand or your client’s brand. If you go over to somewhere like or some of these platforms, there are loads of them out there. Then you can write an engaging script which you can give to these people, and they’ll stand up and deliver you a great video, tribute video.

It doesn’t take that much. All you need is an engaging script, and these professionals will take care of the rest for you.


3. Graphics Work

You need someone standing in front of the video talking about the pain, the problem, the solution, credibility, the call to action at the end.

Sometimes, it’s hard to kind of point to the button or where people are going to be clicking. But if you have engaging logos or countdown timers, arrows, then it’s gonna help people become more engaged with this video. It’ll increase the click-through rate and therefore decrease your cost per lead.

That’s important, and you can get that done on somewhere like Upwork.

There are loads of video editors out there, and you can get a video shoot, with actors and graphics, all for less than 50 bucks a video. Remember, there are not many people doing this, it’s a big opportunity.


4. Refresh the Creative

We’ve seen this so many times where we’ll run ads with one particular actor. We’ll be thinking okay, the best we can get is 20 bucks per lead and let’s tweak things further and then someone will have the bright idea to go get a new actor. It could be a woman versus a man, or whatever an English person versus an American person, different accents, whatever it is.

That’s gonna make a huge difference to your cost per lead, and we often see them cut in half just by using a different actor. It could even be the same script but a different actor. It depends on who your audience is going to engage with.

If you enjoyed this video, and you want a checklist on how we do the creative and how we get this done super cheap to minimize that barrier of entry, then there’s a checklist below this video. Download it, enjoy it, and you can be running TrueView ads on YouTube in no time at all. Catch you later.

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