Flexxable Review – Why Join Our Program

Hello everyone. I’m Dan Wardrope, the founder of Flexx Digital Ltd (my pay per lead agency) and Flexxable (Flexx Digital’s training-division twin). 

Today I’m going to write a COMPLETELY UNBIASED review of my Flexxable course. 

But first, if you want: 

✔️ To run a Pay Per Lead agency with 7 clients or less, making 10x what you do now without spending more time at your desk… 

✔️ **NEW** training for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter ads…

✔️ Unlimited access to all our training materials, including plug-and-play templates for a landing page, thank you page and two advertorials…

✔️ Direct mail, cold email and LinkedIn profile templates… 

✔️ Limitless help with your campaigns, directly from my professional team…

✔️  QnA sessions every Tuesday, at 11am and 9pm GMT… 

Just skip this email and schedule a consultation call with us right now! 


So, What Is The Flexxable Course? 

The Flexxable course is a digital training programme for PPC agency owners, freelancers, e-commerce professionals and entrepreneurs. It teaches them how to pull away from retainer contracts and start charging for their services by the lead instead. 

This way is called the “Pay Per Lead” model, and it’s designed to get PPC agency owners/ freelancers/ e-commerce professionals the Return On Investment they deserve. 

The course is self-paced: The modules all have videos, transcripts, and resources for you to print or put into a swipe file.  

It’s also part community: The course includes access to our Flexxable Mastermind group. Inside, you’ll meet like-minded agency owners, freelancers and professionals. There’s also my professional team who’ll review your funnels and answer any questions, available seven days a week. 

We offer 1-on-1 help: We hold QnA calls every Tuesday at 11am and 9pm GMT. You can get live help with anything you need. 

It’s partially down to you: If you sign-up to this course, we expect you to make the most of it. Our most successful students have taken action from Week One. 

Why Spend Money To Learn Pay Per Lead Digital Marketing? 

The point of the Pay Per Lead model is to make money, not spend it, so what will you gain from a course? 

There are many areas in your PPC agency/freelance work/business which can be boosted with our training. 

Some agency owners don’t know how to get clients with deep pockets and a nationally appealing offer. Our course will show you how to do this with a range of templates, videos and resources. 

One of our students started the Flexxable course and began targeting national-level clients straight away. He closed a client in the legal sector and charged him $80 a lead. 

He’s now generating leads for $23 each, with a profit of $57 per lead. If that’s not enough, this student is generating 100-150 leads per day. 

Meanwhile, the legal client had no idea how much Facebook ads would help him attract business. He dropped $50,000 on a mailer instead. 

The guy didn’t get a case… and he didn’t get a single lead either. 

Since he started working with my Flexxable student, the legal client has hired three more people to help close leads. 

If you’re au fait with Facebook ads, but you’re not getting the Cost Per Lead you’d like, our course can help optimise your sales funnel for maximum ROI. 

There’s no coding experience needed, either. We offer plug and play templates that can get you started in hours, not weeks. 

One of our students revamped her funnel the Flexxable way and saw astonishing results within 48 hours. 

In the three months before Flexxable, this student managed to book 10 appointments for her client at $2195.73 ad spend.

Within two days of using her new Flexxable funnel, she had two more appointments (and four completed forms) for only $70.60. 

Another student started our course, and he got four new clients within the space of a few weeks. 

From just those clients, he’s getting a monthly profit of $46,547. That’s $559,000 a year. 

Since he followed Flexxable’s training, he’s managed to reduce his CPL to £10 per lead. He sells these on for $75 each. 

If you’ve been stuck at the same point for a while (5-figures when you want 6 or 7-figures, or you want to spend less time in the office and more time at home), then Flexxable can give you the push you need. 

Some of my students had been in digital advertising for 20 years before they took the Flexxable course. 

Many of them were sceptical, as they’d been burned by other online courses before. 

However, the ones who decided to give Flexxable a try have been blown away by their results. 

Many have commented on the weekly QnA calls and the Flexxable Mastermind support. They say that the detailed feedback they get in the Mastermind is as useful as the course itself. 

My Flexxable team are available to help from 10:00am – 6:00pm, five days a week. But if you’ve got an issue that requires immediate help, you’ll find us online anyway. Know why? Because we care. 

Oh – and our Flexxable Mastermind group is a lifelong membership. We won’t kick you out after a year, unlike other courses. 

Whether it’s been six months or six years, your progress still matters to us. 

Why Is It Called Flexxable? 

It’s called Flexxable for two reasons. 

Number #1: because my agency, Flexx Digital, has total creative freedom and flexibility over the ads, landing pages, quizzes, and so on, that we produce for our clients. 

That’s right! We interview all our clients before we start generating leads for them. When we have our answers on vital things like: 

  • Campaign objectives 
  • Features and benefits of the offer 
  • Demographics 
  • Buying trends 

It’s up to me and the team to create and run every part of the funnel. Every feature is owned by us. 

And, as we work with multiple clients in the same niche, we have a hefty portfolio of landing pages, advertorials and quizzes that convert. 

We use these assets like templates, changing the details to suit the new client and their brand. 

With this unique model, we can start generating leads for a new client within a couple of hours. 

And we encourage our Flexxable students to do the same. Build a portfolio, go out and get the experience, and start making templates of their own. 

To get them started, we offer multiple templates for landing pages, thank you pages and advertorials throughout the course. 

Number #2: we call the course Flexxable because we’re constantly updating, evolving and growing our content. 

We know that digital marketing doesn’t stand-still. What worked six months ago will have Millennials rolling their eyes now, calling you and your business “a dinosaur”. 

So, every three months or so, we go through the course and update our content. 

With 87 videos and over 90 downloadable resources, we pride ourselves on how comprehensive our course is. 

And it’s only going to get bigger and better. 

What Results Have People Got From The Flexxable Course? 

You can see a Flexxable Testimonials Blog Page here, but here are some notable successes: 

Annmarie had a vast amount of experience with volume-based businesses. Still, she knew there was a ceiling on the retainer model. 

After implementing some of Flexxable’s fast track ideas, a client phoned her to say that her leads “were the best they’ve ever seen”. They then said she’d be “the industry’s biggest supplier by the end of the year”. 

Matthew Tenney landed a huge client within a couple of weeks of starting the Flexxable program. He’s now getting a CPL of $23 and $22,800 profit a month. From just the one client! 

Flexxable Isn’t Just Self-Paced Training… You Can Get One-To-One Support Whenever You Need. 

We’ve all spent money on something then “forgotten” to use it. When it comes to courses, sometimes all those videos and resources are too darn overwhelming. 

The Flexxable course is more than just online training. We also have a Facebook forum (Flexxable Mastermind), where you can ask questions, swap stories, and ask one of my experts to review your work. 

Ok… but what if you need to actually speak to someone? 

We hold Flexxable QnA calls every Tuesday, at 11:00am GMT and 9:00pm GMT. I (Dan) personally hold these calls and answer all questions live on chat. 

I Don’t Want To Stop Using Retainers, So Will This Course Work For Me? 

Yes, yes, it will. 

Though I don’t personally use retainers, I’m not going to say they don’t have their place. If you’re happy working on retainer, then that’s just fine. 

This isn’t an industry-bashing witchhunt. If anything, we want to give our students more options. 

You can apply any of our Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and copywriting training to retainer contracts. This is one of the most common questions we get. People are always delighted when they realise our training will work brilliantly for them – no matter what model they’re on. 

What Are The Mastermind And The QnA Calls? 

The Mastermind is a private forum ONLY for Flexxable students. You can post what you’re working on and get feedback on it within the same day. 

We have:

  • 2 x PPC managers 
  • 1 x graphic and web design manager 
  • 1 x copywriter 
  • 1 x videographer

All ready and waiting to help. 

Getting personalised answers to your questions is far better than just watching some training, publishing and praying. This is access to professional online advertisers whenever you need it. 

Take a look at some of the recent questions asked and answered on the Flexxable Mastermind: 

“How would you handle this situation? I had a new advertorial I was testing for £50 a day. I got no leads for two days straight. Any advice?”

(We looked over his advertorial and made improvements. We also advised him to up his daily budget, as it was way too small to get reliable results).

“What titles should we be targeting for client acquisition? Marketing VP, CEO, president, sales VP, sales director?”

(It’s CEO and/or president. Always go for the business owners first).

“Do you provide clients with your contract – terms and conditions of your service? If so, anyone care to share?”

(We told her that, although I get paid upfront, we’ve been working on a Terms For A New Arrangement document.  Then I shared the template).

“I’ve got a client for serious volumes of van finance leads. Any thoughts on cost per lead for generation and potential sale value?”

(We told this guy that he could generate leads for £12.50 depending on the offer, then sell them on for £50 each).

“I have an unexpected call with a potential client in an hour. Any useful videos/resources on how to qualify a warm prospect?”

(We directed him to our blog posts “What To Ask Your Pay Per Lead Client Before Getting Started” and “A Quick Way To Calculate How Much To Charge Per Lead”).

“My solar client has been great, but things are getting difficult. We’re getting tonnes of duplicates and out of area leads, which we don’t get paid for. I need to get some new clients. Would you focus on direct mail first or LinkedIn?”

(As this was a big question, I jumped straight onto the Flexxable chat. If anyone has a serious issue that can’t wait until Tuesday, I’ll always have a 1-on-1 discussion either by chat or by a call. Bottom line: this guy used cold email and LinkedIn, and he’s getting back on track). 

A wide array of people and companies use Flexxable Mastermind. 

We also host QnA calls on Tuesdays, 11:00am and 9:00pm. This is the students’ chance to get some 1-on-1 interaction with me or one of my team. 

Each session lasts about 2 hours and, as they’re held so frequently, are never oversubscribed. Some people don’t even have a question, but choose to join just to see what other people are doing. 

Everyone is happy to share their experiences, and I’ve repeatedly been told that these QnA calls are game-changers for many of my students. 

Does Flexxable Cost A Boatload of Money? 

I’ll say it. 

I think that the Flexxable course is one of the best digital advertising investments you can make. I’m incredibly proud to have started it and, when I get a testimonial from one of my students, I feel about 25 feet tall. 

My goal is to get everyone to grow their business by another $100,000 – $1,000,000 within the next 12 months. 

This is very achievable. We’ve had students grow their business by $100,000 in half that time. With all the training, the personal help, and all the live calls, it’s darn near impossible not to pick something up that will 10x your income. 

Book Your Flexxable Strategy Call Today 

Starting a new course can be a massive commitment. With that in mind, I offer every potential student a 1-on-1 strategy call first, to see if they’re a good fit and vice versa. 

In just 45 minutes, this strategy call will lay the foundation to grow your business by 3x, 4x or even 10x the amount. We’ll focus on: 

1. Your current roadblock and what’s really stopping you running the agency lifestyle of your choice

2. How you want to develop your agency and your Pay Per Lead skills… and what path we’ll take to get you up-and-running as quickly as possible

3. A customised action plan for you and your agency, based on our shared expertise and how I built my agency, FlexxDigital Ltd 

And if you don’t like the way things are going in the call, just say stop. We won’t be offended. 

That said, with all the evidence here for joining Flexxable, I highly suggest you book a strategy session now and step closer to the training, help and support you need: 




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