How To Structure Your YouTube Ad Campaign

Today’s post is all about your YouTube campaign structure. 

I think my video will explain YouTube campaign structure better than I can on paper, but here’s a quick intro.  

NOTE: When I talk about YouTube ads in this post, I mean TrueView ads. They’re the skippable ones, that give you the option to move to your selected video after five seconds. 

The great thing about TrueView is that you’re not charged until the viewer reaches 30 seconds. The 5-second “skip” option is a great way to weed out the uninterested without spending a penny. 

Flexx Digital (my lead generation company) has been running YouTube ads for almost a year now. I’m still astounded by the results. 

As Facebook continues to crack down on ads and sponsored content, we’re looking for new ways to generate traffic. Until recently, about 90% of Flexx’s traffic came from Facebook – but it started to feel like an “eggs in one basket” situation. Now, we’re running ads on Twitter, YouTube (obviously) and GDN. 

YouTube has blown me away with the cost per lead, and the general lead quality. The pre-roll videos act as a 60-second, interactive, advertorial for your offer. If people choose not to skip, watch the whole video, and then click the link, you know they’re interested. They’re very likely to convert. 

So, to help you guys get onto the YouTube bandwagon, I’m going to show you how Flexx Digital set up our YouTube campaigns. 


Watch The Video To Find Out: 

  • Why I use one audience per YouTube campaign 
  • How many ads I use for each campaign 
  • Why advertising on YouTube means less competition for you 
  • Why you should bid at campaign level, not ad level 
  • How you should budget for your YouTube campaign 


Free Training 

Flexx Digital is a PPC agency that uses the Pay Per Lead model – no retainer contracts. 

If you want to find out more about this Pay Per Lead model, and how we run the business, check out my free case study.

Inside you’ll find how I:

  • Severed ties with retainer contracts once and for all
  • Moved away from local businesses
  • Started working with national B2C companies
  • Land high-ticket clients
  • Found the verticals we work in
  • Consistently generate leads of the highest quality

Click below to watch it now:


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