How To Make Your Marketing Shine (Even With A Boring Offer)

Hi everyone. Today’s post is about taking a “boring” offer and dressing it up enough to get everyone excited. 

Let’s use car finance as an example. It’s pretty hard to get worked up over something like car finance. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity – kind of a “necessary evil”. 

Trouble is, too many people let you know how boring they find car finance in their advertising copy. This is a massive marketing no-no. 

Looking online, most car finance ads offer a quote. That’s really boring. Some also use a “car finance calculator”, which is a bit better but hardly anything new.  

You need to start thinking outside of the box. What’s cheaper and better for the customer? Are you offering new car finance, or used car finance? Could you put the customer through a quiz or a survey, then give them a tailored offer depending on their results? 

For example, why not use the survey to assess whether a new car or a used car would be better for that person? You could give some options for what their new car might look like, and how much that would cost. Then, you’d compare that with the costs of a used car, and the different interest rates for each. 

A tailored offer is much more personable, and it takes out a lot of the hard work for the customer. Once you’ve given them the offer, ask for their contact details. Use the information they’ve provided via the quiz/survey to make that offer become a reality. 

Car finance is never going to be exciting, but customers will appreciate excellent service and going the extra mile. 


The Extra Mile Reaps Reward

You could even niche down a bit more. 

Staying with car finance (I know, I’m obsessed), an awesome example of a niche-within-a-niche would be something like van finance for electricians. 

Would it be cheaper for an electrician to finance a new van within his business, or buy a secondhand van outright? How would that affect an electrician’s corporation tax? 

I have a friend who’s an electrician, and he’s always talking about how his van’s breaking down. If someone put a sexy offer in front of him, saying that it’s cheaper to finance a new vehicle and get rid of the piece of crap that he has, he’s obviously going to be interested. 

Van finance is a big industry of its own, so you’ll be finding yourself a profitable sub-niche within an enormous niche (plain old car finance). 

In fact, you may find yourself advertising in tens of sub-niches before you find the one that’s right for you. But I can guarantee that once you’ve nailed your sub-niche, you’ll be leagues ahead of all the other idiots out there that are writing the same old, boring ads day after day and getting nowhere. 

And, as you’ve laser-targeted your market, you’ll find that the leads are cheaper, too, and of a high-quality. It’s worth putting in the hard work to reap all those results. 


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