5 Things I Wished I Knew About Running A PPL Agency

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Last week, a student of mine asked me a great question.

“Dan, if you had your time again and you were starting from scratch, what do you wish you knew about starting a profitable PPL agency?”

Where to begin?


1. Client Relationships Are Your Bread and Butter 

So, first off, I wish I’d known that client relationships are everything. In most cases, the clients you work with are as blind as you are when it comes to generating leads.

Show your clients that you care. Show them that you want to make it work. Take the time to go up and see them. Work on the client relationship, and your PPL agency will be off to a great start.


2. Become a Master of One Before a Master of All 

Don’t go into new networks or verticals until you and your PPL agency are ready. When I started, I tried to go off on 5 or 6 at the same time.

Don’t make the same mistake. It’s better to master one niche and make it work at a practical level, than let your productivity drop off with too many.


3. It’s All About Contact Rate 

Contact rate is crucial. In the old days, before GDPR, a PPL agency could phone everyone and anybody. It didn’t matter as you had so much data, you could eventually make a profit.

Nowadays, you need to make sure your leads are of exceptional quality. High-quality leads mean a good contact rate, which means everything to your clients.




4. That Said, Creative is Everything

Running a PPL agency is a high risk, high reward game. Write new ads, new hooks. Refresh your creative every other week, minimum. Write new ads with new copy, new images and update, update, update.

90% of the secret to excellent copy is to KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER. 10% is reverse-engineering copy from your competitor and adding your own sprinkle of magic.


5. Everything Will Be Ok!! (I Promise)

You’re always going to get ups and downs in any agency. Don’t freak out if you see a few dips in engagement. Once everything averages out, you’ll recognize that you’re running a much more profitable PPL agency than when you’re just living in the moment.




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