Best Hiring Practices for your Pay Per Lead Agency 👇

What are the best hiring practices for your lead gen agency?

You need to hire the right people for your Pay Per Lead agency.

After all, it could make or break the future of your business.

We’ve recently hired a new apprentice, which made me think about some of the mistakes I’ve made over the years and what I’ve learned from those experiences.

We’ll explore the best hiring practices to help you grow a committed and talented team.

Watch this video if you want to hire the best staff for your agency.

The job description process…

This is a tip that’s really important to consider when hiring a new employee.

Let’s start with the job description…

Essentially, you’ll want to suss out whether applicants are able to understand and follow instructions.

What we do is throw in a hidden step inside the application process.

For us, we wanted them to PDF up their resume and send it over, so in the job description we dropped hints about the steps they would need to follow.

80% of people fall at this first hurdle because often applicants just copy and paste their CV when applying for jobs and haven’t taken the time to read the description.

This definitely helps to filter out the good from the bad.

After that, you’re left with just 20% of candidates.


The phone call…

One of the best hiring practices for your Pay Per Lead agency is to get the candidates on the phone.

After they’ve PDF’d up their resume and you’re confident on their skills, it’s time to get them on a call.

Your goal here is to ensure they can hold a conversation and sound friendly as well as optimistic. You can tell a lot about someone by their tone of voice.

It’s usually easy to figure out with a quick 15 minute conversation over the phone.

Set a test task!

After the phone conversation, you want to set them a test task specific to the job.

There’s plenty out there already if you need some ideas.

For example, if you’re hiring a media buyer you can get them to look through some data and come up with a good hook or angle.

With this particular job, the candidate will be doing blogs and copywriting, so we need to make sure they can write well.

We used the famous interview task where the interviewer asks the interviewee to sell a pen or pencil. The answer to that question is to ask “do you use a pen or pencil?”.

But not many people understand that. That’s why this was a great way to see the candidates’ thought process.

Even if it’s not the correct answer, it’s going to give you an idea on whether or not they’re going to be a good fit for the role.

The face-to-face interview…

It’s important to gauge whether or not they know much about what you do.

If they haven’t researched your company then they’re unlikely to be motivated. 

Having an understanding of the Pay Per Lead model will be essential since they will need to know what they are selling.

If they pass these steps, they’re offered the job.

Finally, you’ll want to start the onboarding process.

In order to ensure best hiring practices for your lead gen agency, it’s crucial to give new employees clear expectations of their roles.

If people come into a business without a defined purpose, they can get easily disorientated and they won’t know what they’re doing.

This is why we put together a one page expectations document.

It could be generic things like turning up on time and being courteous as well as more specific job duties.

I’m a sports person so I always try to use this experience in the management of my team.

You’ll need to set these goals in black and white, for example:

  • Writing 2 blog posts a week
  • Learning SEO
  • Distributing the posts to social media

It doesn’t need to be incredibly detailed – as in my experience, job descriptions will often evolve with time.

If someone’s performing particularly well in one area we’ll send them more of that and cut out the stuff they’re not so good at.

When it comes to appraisals you can use the expectations document to make sure that they’re ticking all of the right boxes and performing in their role.

If you can get this down into a one paged bullet pointed list that’s both generic and specific to their role, you’re going to have an employee that’s coming in hungry to work for you.

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