YouTube TrueView Ad Tips

Today’s video is all about getting the most out of your YouTube ads.

Test, Test, Test!

This is the trick to getting a lower cost per lead, better quality leads and making your ad account successful.

Over time, your ads on YouTube will fatigue. 😔 Unfortunately, this is inevitable.

I know when I keep seeing the same ad over and over on YouTube, I can’t wait to hit the skip button!

To avoid ad fatigue, focus on the first 5 seconds of your videos by testing different images and variation to grab back your audience’s attention. The first 5 seconds are the most important!

To do this, we suggest calling out your viewers specifically instead of referring to a broad audience.


Attention British Men who are looking to consolidate their Halifax credit cards, watch this 2-minute video!


Canadian women over 30 who are struggling with their credit card debt, we can help you!

We try and test 10-20 different openings per ad until we dial this in and get it right.

Watch this video where I give away more example and show you how to cut through the noise and master YouTube.


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