2 Paid Ad Mistakes That Can Cost You

In today’s video, I talk about two common mistakes I see people make when running paid ads to land clients.

#1 They Don’t Narrow Their Audience:

This might sound obvious, but it is actually something I see all the time.

When people run client acquisition ads in their industry, the hooks are too broad when calling out their prospects. If the ad is too general, they will inevitably have bad leads going through their funnel and a higher cost per lead.

It is so important that the copy, especially the intro, touches on the potential client’s pain points.

Not sure how to start? Research your chosen nice and read industry forums to see what these clients are struggling with.

In the past, my company has joined specific Facebook groups and directly asked what the problems were.

A good client acquisition ad can be a goldmine. I have personally spent £30 per lead and closed 1/10 of those leads, which have now become a lifetime client worth 100x that.

#2 Not Segmenting The Leads:

I always advise people to make the most out of their market.

Many small businesses are stuck in the ‘dark ages’ and desperately need help with their marketing.

If you set up your funnels correctly, you can easily segment your leads and deliver a small volume to these businesses. Maybe even customize a landing page to book a call directly with your client.

There are so many options for side hustle opportunities; all you need to do is start asking the right questions.

For a more in-depth look into paid client acquisition, check out my latest Webinar with Robin Alex and Shaun Clark from Go High Level. With this knowledge, you’ll soon be off to the races.

Watch here– https://youtu.be/SS8d59DT_DQ

Video Transcript

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