Why It’s 150X Harder to Generate Leads for Local Business than National


What I see all over Facebook and what the so-called gurus are promoting are Facebook marketing courses to help local business, and trust me, I’ve been there and I’ve done that

I’ve had plastic surgeons, dentists, real estate agents, gyms, the whole lot, been there and done that. It was just a really hard grind for me as a business owner, to generate great quality leads from Facebook.

We switched our model about two years ago and we started going after clients with a national type offering, like a B2C type offering. what we found is, and we’ve done the stats, it’s about 150 times easier to generate leads for this type of business than it is for the local dentist or estate agents.

The reason why this is is that there are 50 million people over the age of 18 in the U.K. to advertise to as opposed to maybe 10-20,000 people within a local business. So there’s a greater audience to advertise to and the audience is also dynamic.

Another advantage of advertising for a national business with a large B2C offering is that you can generate hundreds of leads per day as opposed to five or six.

Every single day, there are new people turning 18. Which means if you’re advertising to people in the age bracket of 18 to 25, you’re going to have 10 to 20,000 new people every single day to advertise to. Which is the equivalent to a whole national market. Within those 100 leads, there’s going to be people with false leads, false names, numbers, and duplicates. But the problem is that the percentages are the same. So if you generate six leads for a dentist, you’re still going to get the same proportion of junk leads as opposed to the same proportion for 100 leads with a national client.

So it matters less when you need to filter out some of the lower quality leads. These national B2C type companies have the ability to scale. So if your leads are working, and they’re great quality, they will double their order on a monthly basis. It’s easier for them to go from 100 to 200, to 400, to 1,000 leads per week if they’re good quality leads.

As opposed to the local business who usually has a call centre of one person i.e a receptionist on a desk that’s not even trained in sales. Even if you’re doing a really good job, they would expand much further than five leads a day to 100 leads a day. It’s just not a sustainable model for them. They’re limited by the time of that particular plastic surgeon, or dentist etc.
They can only treat so many patients.

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