5 Things I Wish I Had Known About Facebook Advertising

We’ve been running Facebook ads for just over probably four years now and the five things I’m going to talk about today, I wish I knew about back then when we started.

We’ve spent probably close to $5 million on Facebook ads, so we’ve learnt a lot over the years. So this post might save you some struggle and some problems if you’re currently running Facebook ads yourself.

1. It’s All About The Creative

The first thing that we have learnt over the years, and probably the most important by far, is that it is all about the creative, it’s all about the ad.
A lot of people bang on about audiences and their funnels and how well the learning page converts. It doesn’t really matter.

If you have a creative or an ad that is intriguing and it appeals to the audience on Facebook, then you’ve got 90% of the work done right there. It will convert itself. So, if you can take any advice from today, it is making sure you’re creative, your hook, and your offer is amazing.

2. Local Businesses Are a Bad Idea

The second thing we have learnt is that supplying leads to a local business is a bad idea. A local business has a very finite population. It might be 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 people but a lot of the time with our campaigns we’re showing that amount of people ads on a daily basis.

If you’re trying to do this and generate a lot of leads for a local business, you’re going to start getting what’s called ad fatigue, you’re going to start showing ads to these people five, six, seven times a week, and unless these local businesses have got different offers and different things they can sell, the ads are just going to not work after a while. So, running ads for these type of businesses is a big no-no for us and we don’t do it anymore.

3. Don’t Sell Within Your Facebook Ads

The third thing we’ve learnt is not to sell in the ad. I see this all the time in my own Facebook news feeds. I see mortgage brokers or mortgage companies trying to sell their product, sell the low-interest rate, sell the high loan to value. People aren’t on Facebook to be sold to, they’re there to be entertained. What you have to do within your ads is to create intrigue, create curiosity, and once you do this, you can then get your audience to engage and take them to what we call an advertorial which does the selling rather than within the ad itself.

That might be a little bit hard to wrap your head around, but we’ve found that if you have really short ad copy that creates curiosity, creates intrigue, it gets really cheap clicks which, in turn, leads to really cheap conversions. Definitely make sure you are not selling within your Facebook ad.

4. Targeting Doesn’t Matter

The fourth thing I wish someone had told me four years ago is that targeting really doesn’t matter if you have a big enough offer. If you have a product that you’re advertising that applies to the whole of the UK, for example.
You might want to start off and try and be tight with your targeting so you can get some cheaper leads, but the beauty of Facebook is their ability to start finding new leads once that thank you page and pixel begins to fire.
If you start off for the first two or three weeks and you create 100 leads over those first two or three weeks, what you’ll find is that Facebook starts learning what type of people convert and they’ll start showing ads to similar people on Facebook.

If I can give another bit of advice is not to focus too much on targeting and just let Facebook do its thing.

5. Roll With The Punches

The last thing I want to teach you guys today is that you have to roll with the punches with Facebook. You hear of the algorithm changes all the time. You hear of them tweaking stuff and there’s so much doom and gloom when it comes to Facebook advertising that you think it might be the end of the world and this has happened to me probably four or five times per year where it feels like everything’s going to end. The cost per lead is spiking, we lose money, things aren’t going well, but these things always have a way of sorting themselves out.

On Monday and Tuesday, you might be running ads and the cost per lead is super high, it doesn’t look like it’s sustainable, and then Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the leads become super cheap. Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason and you have to learn to separate yourself from that emotion and if you can do that and roll with the punches, then you’ll be absolutely fine. We’ve seen this happen over and over again with us and it’s normal, it’s like any business.

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