Why I Offered Leads For Free

Back in 2017, I took a huge risk by offering leads for free!

We had an offer that was dialled in and I simply took a gamble by offering thirty companies 100 leads for free. It was the offer to end all offers. Out of those thirty, only ten got back to us and five of them stayed on as regular clients.

So from the ten clients who took us up on the offer, it cost £8,000 in ad spend and from those five clients who stayed on, we made £1.8 million in revenue!

That is insane!

Even though this went against every fibre of my being, taking that gamble really paid off because before going ahead I already knew the offer we were running was doing well.

So, if you’re interested in getting your hands on these templates and learning how everything works, then get in touch with [email protected]. I hope you enjoy the video.

Video Transcript

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