… Without threats, bonuses or increasing working hours.

If you’re finding that more tasks are starting to “slip under the radar”, there’s confusion in the office about who is supposed to be doing what, or that your “To Do” list consists of about six separate email chains, it’s time to start looking at task management software tools.

A few weeks ago, Flexxable started using Asana, and I’m pleased to say it has revolutionised our business.

Asana is currently the most popular project management software available on the market. And, for a team of up to 15 people, Asana is available for free. With this plan, you’ll get:

1. Unlimited tasks, projects and conversions

2. Basic Dashboards

It has an uncomplicated interface, which makes it near impossible for users to get lost or confused. It’s perfect for anyone with sound computer skills right down to those who are almost computer illiterate.


1. What Asana is and how it works

2. The reason why Asana has helped streamline our business and strengthen bonds within the team

3. Why a task management tool is the right choice for your company

Have you used Asana or similar before? Share your experiences with us in the comment boxes below!

If you’re looking to build your business, but you’re unsure where to turn, take a look at our FREE case study at

See you there!

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