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Learn how to transform your retainer-based business into a 7-figure PPL agency.

With step-by-step guides, over 87 videos, and 90+ downloadable resources, this program covers everything from finding profitable sub-niches to building your own lead generation brand.




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Our Mission

As agency owners we seem to have a special ability to ‘do things the hard way’. 

We pretend that having a 365 day well-written email sequence combined with retargeting audiences and complex pixels are more important than selling an OFFER THAT CONVERTS.

I know this, because this was me. 

For many years… and I am not going to get those years back.

We tend to follow the masses and do what everyone else is doing.

We are impressed by complexity, ‘cause we have big egos.

Sell complex retainer contracts. Be a full service agency. Run a VSL funnel to land clients. Be a hardcore closer. Hire hardcore closers. Run YouTube Ads, because they are hot right now… Blah blah blah…

Well guess what?

Agency life doesn’t have to be this hard, in fact I have found it’s not healthy for you, your family…. or your headspace.

I see too many “talented AF” lead gens struggling when they don’t have to.

It’s painful to watch.

Which is why it’s our mission to flip the ‘traditional’ agency model on its head.

Just because ‘they’ say it can’t be done, doesn’t mean the following can’t be done.

  • Why are we asking clients to ‘pay us up front’ without any guarantee of success? Let’s change that.
  • Why can’t we craft an offer so compelling that clients would have to be literally insane to say no, and then deliver on it. Let’s change that.
  • Why can’t we be a PARTNER in our client’s business rather than an UNWANTED expense? Let’s change that.
  • Why can’t we live the lifestyle we deserve, work with a handful of great clients AND earn 10X what we did the ‘old way’? Let’s change that.

Do you want to join the performance based marketing revolution? Don’t waste another day on struggle street. Lemme show you how it works – watch my video, and message or book a call if you want to change.


What Other People Say

"Some of the things that [Dan] and his team have discovered, systemised and are doing is at an incredible level"

"He really puts it out there from A to Z, exactly what you need to do to build a pay per lead agency"

"They have a genuine interest in their students and extreme commitment to make them succeed"


How To Escape "Retainer Prison"

Wrestle back 100% control of your time & give yourself a raise by firing your 10 clients bosses.

Message me and learn...

  • How to reposition your agency, and approach existing or past clients with Pay Per Lead.
  • How to land national clients in a totally new niche.
  • How to dig deep into your niche and find hooks/angles.
  • How to do the above without risking your own money.
  • How to build a Lead Generation “Brand” to segment and sell leads to multiple buyers.

 …PLUS much much more

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