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What We Do

Flexxable offers a digital training course for PPC agency owners, marketing freelancers, e-commerce professionals and entrepreneurs. 

This course steers you away from retainer contracts in favour of the Pay Per Lead model. Our PPL strategies will help you grow and scale your agency, so you can enjoy the wealth and freedom of running a lead gen business without the headaches. 


Pay Per Lead Agency Guide

The Pay Per Lead
Agency Blueprint

Our six-week Pay Per Lead course. Learn how to transform your retainer-based business into a 7-figure PPL agency.

With step-by-step guides, over 87 videos, and 90 downloadable resources, The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint covers everything from finding profitable sub-niches to building your own lead generation brand.


Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching
Strategy Session

A 30-minute 1-2-1 session with the Pay Per Lead master himself, Dan Wardrope.

It’s an opportunity to identify the roadblock that’s been preventing your progress, or an intensive half-hour to discuss and develop your lead gen strategies.


Lead Generation For
B2C Business Owners

This “Ultimate Guide” teaches business owners how to generate their own leads in-house, without relying on outside marketing agencies.

With everything from designing Facebook ads to hiring a marketing “dream team”, this is the perfect introductory guide to lead gen.

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How We Work

Our Mission

Our mission is to help more than 1000 entrepreneurs make $100k a month. We want to deliver the best Pay Per Lead training on the planet, and we LOVE watching businesses overcome their barriers and make massive progress.

Seneca famously said, “when we teach, we learn”. Teaching the Pay Per Lead model has massively helped our own lead gen agency, Flexx Digital.

See, when we learn something new via our agency, it goes straight into our Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint course and vice versa.

So, teaching doesn’t only benefit you… it helps my agency too!

A True Passion For Helping Others

We share (and, let’s face it, sometimes OVER-share) our juiciest lead gen secrets with our students and social media followers. 

We didn’t create our course and think, “well, that’s it then”. We go out of our way to help agency owners with a passion for all things Pay Per Lead. 

We publish new videos and articles about lead gen three times a week. Every month, we release one “epic” post with an entire step-by-step Pay Per Lead strategy for you to use. 

We also hold monthly PPL webinars, sometimes with a special guest. So far, we’ve had Nik Thakorlal from LeadsHook, Rob Harlow from SoPro, and Gareth Forward-Dickens from Str84ward Digital.

Changing The Face Of Digital Marketing

We know that a “trend” in digital marketing today could be hopelessly outdated tomorrow. 

That’s why we refresh and renew our Pay Per Lead course content every 4 months. All our lessons are as up-to-date as the strategies we use in our own agency, Flexx Digital. 

If it’s hype and “magic pills” you’re looking for, our course isn’t the answer. We’ve given you our best lead gen strategies and templates, accumulated from years of trial and error. We’ll help you as much as we can, but success is up to you. Just the way it should be. 

Personal Coaching

What Other People Say

We’re a good bunch, but it never hurts to hear a second opinion.

Here are some video testimonials from our students and peers (and very complimentary they are too!)

"Some of the things that [Dan] and his team have discovered, systemised and are doing is at an incredible level"

"He really puts it out there from A to Z, exactly what you need to do to build a pay per lead agency"

"They have a genuine interest in their students and extreme commitment to make them succeed"


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