Streamline Your Lead Distribution with LeadByte: Send Leads to Multiple Clients From 1 Funnel

The lead distribution software you NEED to scale your Performance Based Agency in 2023…

This lead distribution software has seriously helped me take my agency to the next level.

I’ve been able to totally automate my lead generation process, which has been a complete game-changer.

I was doing everything manually when I first started in Pay Per Lead.

That means spending a LOT of time creating individual landing pages for clients (..and more).

I was really putting in the hustle, reaching out to potential clients with cold emails and grinding away on my laptop day and night, all while trying to rub the sleep out of my bloodshot eyes.

But then I found a really clever solution that can automate all of this…


This lead distribution software has allowed us to scale our agency like CRAZY.

What is LeadByte Lead Distribution Software?

So before I get into what LeadByte does, let me give you a little background on how lead generation used to work:

In the past, you would land a client on retainer which meant building them a landing page and driving traffic to it, all while selling leads on a one-to-one basis.

If a client was willing to spend $10,000 a month, you might be expected to provide 100 leads at $100 each, in exchange for their monthly retainer fee.

It was a lot of back and forth and not always a smooth process.

(Highly recommend checking out our blog on the different ways you can charge for lead gen)

However, there’s been an uprising in the lead gen industry where people are moving towards performance-based lead generation.

It lets you take the reins of your business and create your own brand.

Plus, it’s more flexible for your clients.

Instead of being tied down to a set retainer fee and lead ratio, you can knock it out of the park, getting paid based on your performance.

There are so many different niches you can target with a really great lead generation website and sell on a per lead basis to your clients.

But up until five or six years ago, there wasn’t a great solution to take all of the leads you’ve generated and sell them to different clients and corners of the market for different prices.


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This is where a lead distribution tool like LeadByte comes into the picture.

It’s a really powerful tool that can sit between the lead generation website and the panel of buyers.

With this, the leads come in through your website, which get sent over to Leadbyte and then you can set a series of filters and rules.

If 100 leads come in:

  • You can sell 10 to client A at a high price
  • Sell 30 to client B at a lower price
  • And sell the other 70 to a client based on a flat fee.

But it’s not just about the different prices you can sell at, the criteria of the lead coming through also makes a difference on where they go.

Let’s say you’re generating car finance leads, someone could be looking to finance a used car rather than a brand new car.

You can use the criteria to filter and sell leads to the different clients.

Using a lead distribution software to automate this changed EVERYTHING.

We went from barely scraping by on a retainer model to skyrocketing past six figures in monthly revenue from Pay Per Lead.

If you’re interested in taking a look under the hood to see how you can use this lead distribution tool to automate and supercharge your agency, give this video a watch.

Want to learn how to make performance-based marketing easy?

Check out our Flexxable YouTube Channel…

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