Have you ever had the creeping feeling that you and your phone are in a codependent relationship?

Chances are you’re reading this on your phone right now, and you’re certainly not alone.

With 79% of us checking our social media apps, emails and texts in the hour before we sleep, and 55% of us checking the same within 15 minutes of waking, a vast majority of mobile owners have more interaction with our phones than our best friends or romantic partners.

“Ah…” I hear you cry, “but what if I’m using my phone to keep in contact with those very people?”

Unfortunately, it’s just not the same. As humans use their mobiles to replace face-to-face contact, psychological issues such as loneliness, anxiety and depression have rocketed.

And, to combat these feelings, people find themselves reaching for their phones more often, usually with a subconscious need for validation.

Unfortunately, social media sites are aware of these effects and have engineered these apps to elicit these very responses.

According to PsycheGuides.com, these are the very real symptoms of mobile-phone addiction:

1. A need to use your mobile more often to achieve the same desired effect

2. Turning to your mobile when feeling lonely, depressed or anxious

3. Putting a relationship or job at risk due to excessive phone use

4. Increased irritability when your mobile phone is unavailable

5. Sleep disturbances due to constant exposure to blue light

6. Anxiety when faced with too few or too many notifications, texts or emails


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Fear not, there’s still a way to correct our addictive behaviours, and form a relationship with our phone that feels positive, not toxic.

Try an app like Moment – a new application that reduces distractions like notifications, and establishes firm usage goals. Moment helps you to use your phone in a healthy way, so you can be present for the parts of your life that matter most.

Have you overcome a technology addiction? Or do you still find yourself reaching for your phone fifty times a day? Share your stories in the comment box below!

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