Strategic Coach is a “unique business coaching programme… with a focus on growth in every area of business and life, and from that flows the freedom every entrepreneur dreams of. In our workshops, we see those dreams become a reality every day.” ~ www.

Modelled as a support system to help SMBs achieve “new levels of freedom and success”, the Strategic Coach Programme has advised over 18,000 entrepreneurs on how to plan for their future, how to get there, and how to solve any problems hampering the progress of their respective businesses.

Promising new insights from people in other industries and all over the world, Strategic Coach will give their clients prioritised action steps for their marketing strategies, new tools and capabilities for their campaigns, and a 90-day business progress plan.

I enrolled in this business plan a year ago. Was it worth the time and money? Watch the video to find out!


1. What Strategic Coach is and why it was founded

2. How Strategic Coach helped me to create a business that runs itself

3. What “Free” and “Focus” days are and how they help structure an entrepreneurial company

4. Why I use an “Impact Filter” and how it helps me to manage, understand and delegate projects.

Have you used Strategic Coach or anything like it before? How did it help you? Share your stories and experiences with us in the comments!

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If you’re struggling generating leads, getting the high-paying clients, or even hiring new staff, Flexxable can guide you towards the good decisions.

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