Lead Distribution with Go HighLevel and Zapier

Lead Distribution With Zapier & Go HighLevel

In today’s competitive digital landscape, mastering the art of lead distribution is crucial for businesses looking to optimize their sales funnel. With tools like HighLevel and Zapier, the process of distributing leads to multiple clients becomes not only manageable but highly efficient. This blog post, inspired by an informative video by Flexxable, delves into the nuances of utilizing HighLevel and Zapier for effective lead distribution.

The Need for Efficient Lead Distribution

Businesses generating a plethora of leads require a robust system to ensure these leads are efficiently distributed to different clients. While bespoke solutions like LeadByte are often recommended, they may not be feasible for every business, especially startups. This is where HighLevel and Zapier come into play, offering a cost-effective yet powerful solution for lead distribution.


Go HighLevel and Zapier: A Dynamic Duo

HighLevel is a marketing platform designed to streamline various aspects of a digital marketing campaign, including lead management. When coupled with Zapier, an automation tool that connects your apps and services, it creates a powerful system for distributing leads. This combination is particularly useful for businesses starting their lead generation journey or those operating with lower volumes.

Implementing Lead Distribution with HighLevel and Zapier

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Setting Up Triggers: Start by setting up triggers using a Facebook lead form, Typeform, or any quiz software that sends an API trigger. This initiates the distribution process once a lead is generated.

  2. Python Code for Random Allocation: Use Python code in Zapier to randomly distribute leads among clients. This code ensures an even distribution, avoiding biases towards any particular client (From the 3-minute mark in the video above).

  3. Customizing Client Distribution: Tailor the distribution by changing the client names in the code. This flexibility allows you to distribute leads based on specific client needs or quotas.

  4. Creating Paths in Zapier: Utilize paths in Zapier to direct leads to specific clients based on the outcome of the Python script. This step ensures that each client receives the appropriate leads.

  5. Connecting to HighLevel: Link each client to a unique HighLevel account, ensuring that leads are sent to the correct destination. This connection is pivotal for maintaining organization and efficiency.

  6. Monitoring and Adjusting Quotas: Regularly monitor the distribution and adjust the Python code as needed to adhere to client quotas or preferences.

  7. Troubleshooting and Optimization: Always test and troubleshoot the setup to ensure seamless lead distribution. Continuous optimization is key to maintaining an effective distribution system.

The Benefits of This Approach

  • Cost-Effective: Ideal for businesses with budget constraints or those not ready to invest in more expensive distribution software.
  • Flexibility: Easily adjustable to cater to changing client needs and quotas.
  • Scalability: Suitable for businesses with a growing client base, allowing for easy addition or removal of clients from the distribution list.


Efficient lead distribution is pivotal for maximizing the potential of your lead generation efforts. By harnessing the power of HighLevel and Zapier, businesses can implement a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable system for distributing leads among various clients. Remember, the key to successful lead distribution lies in continuous monitoring, adjustment, and optimization of your strategies.

For more insights and detailed tutorials on lead distribution and digital marketing strategies, visit Flexxable’s YouTube channel.

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