It’s Better To Fade Away Than Burn Out

As I stood there in the shower yesterday, I had a thought…

Sounds weird I know 😅 but hear me out…

I found myself looking back at how I got to where I am and the mantra I used to live by for so long, which was:

“It’s better to burn out than fade away”.

That mantra was accurate in many areas of my life, whether that was going out partying or my business. 

Go fast, go hard, have quick success, get things done quickly, move on to the next shiny object, you know the rest.

I’m forty-three now (I know! I don’t look it 😂), and now that I have gained some wisdom, I’ve come to realise that saying should be the other way around.

“It’s better to fade away than burn out”.

The reality of it is that you are running your agency, you’ve achieved those ten clients, you’ve worked nine to five jobs, you have the experience. 

And now you’re hungry for success, but the realisation is, you are forever on this hamster wheel trying to grow and grow.

But it’s hard because you’re trying to do too much.

You’re a master of none.

It may seem great that you’re your own boss, but actually, you have five or ten bosses. 

You are trying to please all these people and they all end up being your boss. 

It all gets too much sometimes.

Rather than trying to do everything for everyone, you can slow down, work on your offer and become a master at one thing before moving on to that next shiny object.

If you’re a lead generator struggling with burn out, where you are working yourself to the bone, but aren’t getting the reward your time deserves, then this free training will show you the one thing you need to do to revolutionise your business! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

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