How To Write An Advertorial & Why They’re Awesome

“Advertorial” is a portmanteau (mashup) of the words “advertisement” and “editorial”.

They are adverts written in the style of an article, allowing brands to tell their story in an engaging, informative or credible way.

Much like your Facebook ads, the purpose of an advertorial isn’t to start walloping your prospects with a hardcore sales pitch.

Think of an advertorial as slowly seducing a prospect. You’d take them out, talk to them, make them laugh and show off your numerous charms. You definitely wouldn’t propose, sweating and fumbling, on the first date.

This slow seduction usually takes the form of about 500 to 1000 words. Any longer and you’ll risk the reader getting bored. With so few words, you’ll need to craft an advertorial with the same care as you would a short story.

The general rule for content is:

70% Good Content + 30% Sales Pitch = A Balanced Advertorial

Advertorials act as a sales funnel. If your prospect reads the information then proceeds to give their details after the CTA, you can be sure they’re a high-quality lead.


1. What an advertorial is and what it does

2. The only rhyme you’ll ever need to create the perfect advertorial

3. Why advertorials ensure all your leads are high-quality

4. What makes an advertorial different from the usual type of advert

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