The Do’s & Don’ts Of Facebook Ad Compliance For Financial Services 🔒

Here’s how you can level up your lead generation for financial services…

Let’s delve into Facebook Ad compliance and what that means for the future of lead generation.

Ad networks are starting to impose regulations that a lot of lead gens are freaking out about! 

What’s more…

There are even ways you can reap some benefits from it!

You’ll want to watch this video if you’re looking to learn how to run ads in financial services.

Let’s get into it.

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So, what’s the deal?

Ad networks are trying to make sure that any ads shown are compliant with best practices in order to protect consumers.

This is a significant change for lead generation because if you’re wanting to run ads on Facebook, you’ll need an approved ad account, verified by someone else.

Gone are the days of being able to advertise or build a brand in the mortgage industry and selling leads without being compliant to regulations.

There’s a lot of niches that don’t need compliance like home improvement, but with financial services, you’re not going to be able to run ads on some of these ad networks without the verification.

The good news is: this is getting rid of the scammers!

How can you take advantage of Facebook Ad compliance?

Before, you’d be up against absolutely anyone – but now the dodgy guys are leaving and only the legitimate lead gens are going to be left.

If you can get through this sticky situation and keep your ads running, your CPL and CPM will go down.

To top it off, Facebook is struggling with revenue at the moment, especially with a recession looming.

This is a great opportunity to start generating cheaper leads because people that were previously advertising are going to be removed from the market.

I sat down with Nick from The Compliance Guys who’s going to answer some of the most important questions about Facebook ad compliance:

  • How to keep running ads if you’re a lead gen
  • What this looks like for the Pay Per Lead industry
  • If it’s possible to run ads in certain niches without verification
  • The steps you need to take to be compliant with ad networks

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