How To Combat Ad Fatigue On Facebook 😪

The majority of digital marketers experience ad fatigue on Facebook.

But what should you do if you experience this?

How can you prevent ad fatigue ever happening?

Let’s get into it!

What is ad fatigue and why does it happen?

You find an ad that’s working. 

It will be shown to everyone in your audience multiple times. 

Your ad frequency will go up (faster if you have more narrow audiences).

Your ad score will start to creep down and you will perform worse in the bidding process because of that.

Eventually people get used to seeing it and the CPL starts to spike. 

They get “ad blindness” and it’s vital you can get past this.


What to do when you experience Ad Fatigue…

When you are experiencing fatigue, you have an ad working and then it just starts getting more and more expensive. 

Then you need to start amending the elements that people can see in the news feed.

The number 1 thing to do is start trying new images with the winning copy. 

This is the biggest thing you can change to combat ad blindness. 

The image is the biggest part of the ad real estate and can start to make people stop the scroll.

Next, try amending the opening of the ad. 

Normally the first 3 lines show. 

Play with that opening to make it look and sound different while keeping the same hook.

Finally try amending the headline. Start testing new headline ideas with winning images.

These are three levers you can pull when you’ve seen great results from an ad and audience but then suffer ad fatigue.

ad fatigue

How to prevent Ad Fatigue ever happening

Ideally you never want to experience ad fatigue as it means you have to scramble around trying to get your CPL down quickly.

It’s great to have a sandbox campaign and will be testing constantly.

When you see an ad working well, start testing new images, news intros and new headlines to see what works. 

Then move them into your production campaign.

Facebook likes choice in the auctions. 

That means a lot of good ads. 

This will help fight high frequencies, ad fatigue, and ad blindness as you have a constant rotation of good ads that are constantly being updated from your testing.

Ultimately, helping to keep your CPL low and it will help even lower it over time.

You can use tools like jarvis to spin 100s of variations of your best performing ad to test.

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