How Is Revolutionizing Facebook Ads

Jarvis, the AI copywriter, could be just what you need to help with your ads and creatives.

If youre like many lead gens, youre complaining about rising costs in the ad networks, with increasing CPMs.

These are the same people that have a working campaign for a week or so which then plummets. Then they start complaining that Facebook isnt working for them anymore.

The problem is that these ads are fatiguing.

Someone may come up with a great new offer and new ads.

But the ad network quickly becomes saturated.


Other people start creating similar ads and offers and suddenly the whole target audience is seeing the same hooks and creatives.

Youll see your cost per lead start to spike as your creatives start to fatigue.

How do you try to stop this from happening?

Remember – Creative is king.

Ensuring you are testing new creatives every day is KEY to a winning ad campaign.

This is the only way you can start to see a low lead cost AND keep it low.

Some lead gens in my community are doing 100 new ads a day汕

This may sound impossible.

But its not with Jarvis.

You dont need completely different hooks all the time, but different versions of what you know is already winning!

What is Jarvis?

Jarvis is an AI that writes copy.

You give him some basic information like company, product description and the tone of voice and he can spin off hundreds of variations of ad headlines and ad copy.

It allows you to even input your winning ad and let Jarvis smash out versions based on that.

What type of copy can Jarvis spit out?

Jarvis can do a lot.

Its great for a lead gen agency, Jarvis can

  • Create Facebook headlines based off of what works
  • Produce Facebook ad copy
  • Create Youtube scripts
  • Adapt high level copy to something a child would understand
  • Create website headlines and subheadlines
  • Brainstorm different angles in to the market

Why do we recommend it

Its main perk is its speed of implementation.

Its a great way to get whats working, and create hundreds of different variations of what is working very quickly.

The whole process took around 30 mins to add 200 new ad variations from spinning copy to setting live in the account.

This would take multiple days if you did it all manually.

It helps with the hardest thing of all getting fresh creatives up quickly to KEEP cost per lead low.

The main goal!

Interested in giving Jarvis a go?

Currently you can get a 5 day free trial and 10,000 words to use to see if it’s for you.

Why not give it a go?

Use this link to sign up for Jarvis so you can upload hundreds of ads to Facebook in seconds.

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