Getting The Most Out Of Your Current Niche

Here’s the most common question that a new student asks me when they first join…

What new niche should I move into now to do Pay Per Lead?

This is where I will tell them to pull the handbrake up and discuss the CURRENT niche they are in.

I find a lot of people want to diversify into a new niche way too quickly before they’ve squeezed all the juice out of their current one.

They have spent time, effort and money on their current niche and are getting leads at a decent price.

So I will ALWAYS advise you to first see what can be done within your current niche.

You are way ahead of the competition in this niche.

You’ve done the research.

You’ve got the ad data.

You’ve got the conversion data.

This is the easiest sell imaginable to get new clients!

The chat will go…

You: Hey, do you want 100 leads at £30 a lead? Currently, our clients are getting a 10% conversion rate, meaning you’ll get a cost per sale of £300. Sounds good?

Client: Take my money!!!

Because you know what a good ROI looks like for that niche.

In this video, I go through a specific example with one of my students and what advice I gave him.

I hope you enjoy today’s video.

Please get in touch with [email protected] if you would like to know more.

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Video transcript

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