Flexxable – A Christmas Story

Merry Christmas From Flexxable 

Who doesn’t love a Christmas Story?
With Christmas less then a week away, we thought what’s better then to snuggle up close to the fire, sip on a cup of cocoa, sit back and listen to wise old Graham tell a Flexxable Christmas story.
So, here goes…
Twas the week before Christmas at the Flexxable hub.
And all were busy as bees with the final hubbub
The targets were marked on the whiteboard with care
Making sure that their deadlines were firm but fair
At night, the team nestled all snug in their beds
As visions of profits buzzed around in their heads
And Dan watched them working with pride in his eyes
For this year the team had reached for the skies!
Dan looked back at the year and his pride, it just grew
For all the great things built by he and his crew
They revamped the course and made it more technical,
Pleasing the students who lived and loved Flexxable.
As for lead generation, well, that was a cinch
As Graham and Gavin could get it done in a pinch
And camera-girl Ari has proved more than stamina,
Spending hours a day with the team and the camera.
And Alan, he traveled by plane to Vancouver
To learn how to become an Unbounce improver
While Sarah achieved quite a spectacular feat
Single-handedly planning the Ibiza retreat
And Polly, she writes and writes all day long
She’s got some good copy though her poetry’s…rubbish.
So together we say, as we’re full of good cheer,
“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good year!”

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