Is Hot Weather Affecting Your Cost Per Lead?

No matter where you’re located around the world, the weather can affect online buying behaviour. Online buying behaviour definitely has a knock-on effect on the cost and quality of the leads you’re selling.

While it’s not always scorching over here in the UK, heatwaves at this time of year are becoming more common. While we love the sunshine as much as everyone else, the weather is affecting our cost per lead on Facebook.

There’s no complicated reason – in fact, it’s incredibly simple. More people are spending less time inside, hunched over their computers, and are choosing to enjoy the vitamin D kick from the summer sun. 

With the leads’ contact rate, it’s the same story. Contact rate increases over winter and reduces over the summer. Obviously, this is very frustrating for our clients. Stuck in stuffy offices themselves, they tend to blame the decline in contact rate on those who’re generating the leads.

As much as I’d like to be all-powerful, I can’t control the weather or how it affects the cost per lead (yet). Other times of the year can massively affect CPL too, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With all the competition online, we tend to run fewer ads during these busy periods. Everyone’s involved on Black Friday from the startups to the big boys, so it makes sense to plan in advance for a rocketing cost per lead.


Hot Weather and CPL: The Bottom Line

The bottom line: if you’re experiencing headache-inducing setbacks like a sky-high CPL or low contact rate, they could be affected by the weather.

But don’t lose hope! A PPC agency can have wildly different results that swing up and down, depending on the month. This, too, shall pass. Try and roll with the punches and keep your mindset stable. If you’re anxious, consider investing in a mentor.



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