An Introduction To Native Advertising

What is Native Advertising?

Let’s start with what isn’t Native Advertising? If you are scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed or you are looking in the local newspaper or even a national newspaper you will see ads for people selling their services such as a plumber or an electrician, or someone, even a large bank explaining what their, what their APR is for a mortgage product or something like that.

These are ads that you know are ads. On the other hand Native Advertising is a little bit more stealth. You might see someone writing an article reviewing a product or discussing the pros and cons or seven tips about this or that. These are stealth advertising, they’re selling without selling.

At the bottom of the article or some point during the article, they will be pushing a product and this is negative advertising so you might not know that you’re actually reading about someone’s product or service until you’ve picked up the phone and called them. That is a good example of Native Advertising.

What is the psychology behind Native Advertising?

As I was saying before, people know when they’re being sold to.
They see those big ads with the bold promises and the big headlines and they’re like “Yeah, this is an ad” and a lot of the time people have ad blindness that will just scroll right past it because it’s not of interest to them.

They’ve seen that hundreds of times before they’re being sold to every single day in newspapers, on television, within their Facebook newsfeed. They are not going to have banner blindness or ad blindness, they’re going to actually read about the product or service because it’s positioned in a different way.

“The psychology is that you’re actually giving the reader something that they want to read”

Why does Native Advertising work so well on Facebook?

For the same reason that it works well anyway if done properly. In Facebook, there are many advertisers trying to sell their product or services straight from the Facebook ad and that doesn’t really work.

“If you can entertain with Native Advertising with an article, or recommend something you’re going to get a lot of interest”

They’re paying a lot for their clicks and the leads they’re generating are going to cost a lot of money and the quality of those leads isn’t going to be great because people aren’t in Facebook to be advertised to. They are there because they want to be entertained.

You can entertain with Native Advertising and if you have an article or you recommend something that is really catchy and has a great hook, you’re going to get a lot of interest, and you’re going to get super cheap clicks and cheap leads for your business.

Within our agency, 95% of the ads we run are now Native Advertising and because of that, we have seen our profits and turnover soar.

We’re doing well and it’s because of Native Advertising.

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