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Before we get started, the most important thing that I want to talk to you about when you’re in the lead generation industry, the client relationship is the most important thing.

If you’re generating a lot of leads for clients and you don’t have that relationship, they’re unlikely to reorder, so the one bit of advice that I can give is to always to work on that relationship, go and see them on a monthly basis because it’s only going to help in future.

What is an online quiz and how do we use them?
Within our agency, we run web traffic or pay-per-click traffic to a quiz which is a series of questions we ask potential customers, so that can be in the form of multiple yes/no answers or they can select buttons within that quiz and as they go through that quiz we’re finding out identifiable characteristics which then can be passed onto the client.

Once the client receives that data, they’re able to kind tell us whether there are certain characteristics of people that they want or don’t want which helps us generate better quality leads over time. The beauty of online quizzes is that once the potential customer starts taking that quiz, they’re likely to finish.

I would say that it doesn’t matter if there’s five questions or eighteen questions, you get very little drop off if you actually craft the quiz in the correct way.

The advantage is that your client whom you’re sending the leads to are going to be getting eighteen bits of data for that potential customer rather than just three or four with what they normally have on a web form. It’s just a really great way to gather a lot of information.

“You’ve got to start your quiz with simple yes/no questions to create a micro-commitment”

How do we get a high proportion of people that start the quiz to finish it?

The most important thing that you’ve got to start with a quiz is a simple yes/no type question, a micro-commitment. If you start the quiz with a complicated question then they never going to start and they’ll click the back button and leave your website. Always start with a yes/no, male/female, do you live in England, Wales or Scotland type question and once you get them started, that micro-commitment will get them to finish the quiz.

“Interaction, clicks and completed quizzes will result in cheaper clicks”

The Other Advantage of Quizzes

The other advantage of quizzes is that it will allow you to generate cheaper clicks on Facebook because people don’t like being sold to on Facebook but they like to be interactive, they like to be curious about certain advertising tactics and a quiz is one of those, so a good example of a quiz-type question which will generate intrigue from your Facebook ad is something like ‘take this quiz now to see if you qualify for a car loan’ or ‘take this quiz now to see if you qualify for a pay-day loan’.

This is a completely different angle than advertising that pay-day or car loan. It’s just a more curious way to get people into the funnel and end up with a lead. When Facebook sees all of that interaction, clicks, and people finishing those quizzes, they will reward you and give you cheaper clicks and cheaper cost per leads.

“Building a strong relationship with the client is key to running a successful campaign”

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

The other advantage of using quizzes is it allows you to segment based on the questions people have answered. For example, in some of our campaigns, we ask whether the people are employed, unemployed, self-employed, student or retired. If your client is getting all that information and the characteristics passed to them, they will be able to feedback to you and tell you okay, unemployed and retired leads, we’re not really interested in, they don’t convert well but all of the others are converting really well.

Suddenly your conversion rate of the leads you’re supplying are going to get better and better as they’re feeding all of that information back to you which is why as I was saying that having that relationship with the client and that constant feedback is key to running a successful campaign.

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