3 Pay Per Lead Tips for 2020

Hi everyone. 

In today’s video, I’m going to share with you 3 top tips my agency’s implemented in the new year, 2020. 

So, first thing’s first… 

PPL Tip #1: Use Bonjoro To Welcome New Leads

Bonjoro is a video software app that allows us to reach potential customers via video. 

Want to build trust with your customers? Add the personal touch to your sales messages? Bonjoro’s the way to go. 

The software sends you a notification every time you’ve got a new lead come in. From there, you can send the lead a quick and personal video message, welcoming them to the fold. 

People are bored stupid by template emails or chatbot messages. With Bonjoro, you can send a personalised message to each person in double-quick time. It’s fast, easy and, best of all, it shows that you care. 

Want to try Bonjoro for yourself? Click here to find out more and get your 14-day free trial. 


PPL Tip #2: Get The Most Out Of Your Leads 

If you’re sending your client hundreds of leads per week, chances are some will slip through the gaps. 

Your client’s sales team probably has a set of rules and regulations to follow when it comes to contacting leads. If a lead’s been missed, for whatever reason, they may be classified as “no longer eligible” and cast aside. 

Obviously, that’s a massive waste. 

Still, you’ll be surprised by how few clients have a reputable system for following-up on old leads, or retargeting people that were warm but not yet ready to commit. 

Instead of pouring all your time and energy into cold traffic, ask your client for a list of prospects they hadn’t managed to convert. 

Once you’ve got your list, focus on re-working those leads. If they were interested before, it’s unlikely their feelings have changed. 

Warm those leads back up, then give them back to your client. The leads will have been through your sales funnel twice, meaning they’re more likely to convert. 

Ask your clients if they’re happy for you to re-work forgotten or old leads. More often than not, they’ll be happy for you to “do your thing”. 


PPL Tip #3: Use The “3 Line Hack” To Keep Your Ad Creative Fresh 

Got a long copy ad that’s crushing it for your agency? 

Don’t worry – you don’t need to write something new when it’s time to refresh your creative. 

For most ads on Facebook, your audience will only see the first three lines before they have to click “see more”. 

Recycle old (and gold!) material by creating 30 different ad sets. Keep the same copy, images and audience but change the first three lines of the ad. 

Some will be better than others, but that doesn’t matter. Use this as an opportunity to see what works out there, and what falls flat. 

Once you’ve got a selection of “three-line intros” that smashes it out of the park, use these on rotation. 

It’s way less time-consuming, and this neat hack has already cut our CPL in half! 

Got any of your own tips and tricks for 2020? Share them by commenting below! 


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