3 Easy Ways to Use TikTok and Facebook Lead Ads in 2023

3 strategies to get quality leads from TikTok and Facebook Lead Ads – boost revenue for your agency and clients…

Lead quality is the #1 problem people face when running lead ads for their clients.

Here are 3 ways you can avoid this and get “quality” leads from TikTok or Facebook Lead Ads.

This will help you make more money for both your agency and clients.

Watch this video if you want to know more about why lead ads are killing it in 2023.

Setting appointments

The 1st way you can use lead ads to get better quality leads is by setting appointments.

We use Go High Level, which in my opinion is the market leader for this and is extremely affordable.

What you need to do is run a simple lead ad and grab a name, email and phone number.

When a lead form is submitted, most people go to the next step which has a little grey button underneath where it says: “Your response has been submitted.”

That’s usually where the lead form ends.

But with Facebook lead ads, they do this in a light grey font and it’s very hard to read.

What you can do is use a psycological trick on the consumer making them think there’s another step.

We say: “last step, please schedule your appointment.”. There’s a blue button below that and they click it.

That syncs to a calendar in Go High Level.

The lead can be linked with the appointment using Zapier.

You can generate appointments at a very high rate from Facebook lead ads using this method.

We’re seeing a 60% lead to appointment ratio (LTA) and a 60% show up rate to those appointments when we run these.

People in the industry are saying that lead ads don’t work…

But if you can get a 60% lead to appointment ratio and show up rates, that’s pretty impressive.

The tracking is great and it’s extremely scalable, especially if you’re going after an industry or niche with a big audience.

It does work for B2C as well, but with B2C, there tends to be a lower show up rate.

Using an appointment setting funnel for lead ads is the 1st thing you should try.


Land Clients In Any Niche For As Little As $100 Using Our B2B Facebook Lead Ads

Growing Groups with Lead Ads

The 2nd way to use lead ads in 2023 is using them to grow Facebook Groups.

You could also use it for a YouTube channel and any social media platform where you’re sharing some content for free.

I’m using Facebook lead ads to grow my group the “Pay Per Lead Ninjas”.

We use a similar method to the appointment setting funnel that I just explained. Instead of the last step of getting people to schedule an appointment, we point them towards joining the group.

They click the button and go to a pinned comment inside our Facebook group and they get delivered the lead magnet.

This is a really clever way to be able to grow your group using lead ads, and it’s also super cheap.

Gone are the days of VSL funnels.

They still work and are great for growing a database, but it’s even better using a lead ad to grow the group.

Once they’re in the group, you can add value, over and over again.

This is an incredibly powerful tool to grow your audience with.

It’s a piece of cake, whether you’re in Pay Per Lead or insurance – you can still grow a large group of people that really need help.

When people aren’t ready to buy leads from you, they still need help with other things.

You can zap the over to High Level and market to them once they’ve joined the group.


The third way you can use lead ads is to sell an info product to your audience.

If you’re a lead generation agency specializing in a niche, you want to start growing a community.

Whether that’s with Facebook, an email database or YouTube Channel, whatever works for you.

In step 2, I spoke about using lead ads to drive people to a group. You can use this methodology and deliver the lead magnet as soon as they go through your funnel with a message.

Let’s say it’s for solar and someone has joined your group, you might want to send an SMS that says: “would you like to learn how to get 5 leads for free over the weekend using direct mail?”

You wouldn’t write it like that because it sounds like an info product style of language. Adjust it to your niche.

If you’re able to grow your community and send them an SMS just after they’ve joined, you can sell them something immediately that will liquidate your ad spend.

We’ve been able to liquidate our ad spend by $3k spend and $5k revenue doing exactly this.

One of my students is doing this for insurance agents and is absolutely crushing it.

If you’re an agency looking to grow or add different offers to what you do, then an info product has a 100% markup.

It’s very easy to sell if you are able to solve a problem for your client – and they’ll pay you happily for this.

Want more growth strategies for your performance-based marketing agency?

Check out our Flexxable YouTube Channel…

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