Top Tip To Improve Lead Quality

In today’s video, I share a top tip my agency has implemented across all our PPL campaigns that drastically helped with our lead quality.  

Traditionally, I teach my students to set up their funnels with Ad- to Quiz-to Landing Page- to Thank You Page. The Ad peaks interest and the quiz segments the leads to sell to different clients. 

While this method is successful, some of our clients were complaining about lead quality, especially when the leads came from YouTube. 

This is what we did:

  • Make our ad broad.
  •  Send straight from ad to well-written advertorial.
  • Update advertorial. Advertorial should state the problem, the solution, have testimonials, and social proof. 
  •  Embed quiz at the bottom of the advertorial.
  •  Quiz starts with three strong questions. 

These methods significantly improved our lead quality. I hope they can do the same for you. 

Watch my video, where I discuss this method in more detail and show you how you can impress your clients with excellent quality leads every time. 


Video Transcript

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