My Son Tried His First Oyster And It Wasn’t Pretty!

Can you remember your first oyster?

That salty bitter taste reminded me of when I quit my 9-5 and THOUGHT I had achieved “freedom” by charging my client’s a fixed fee retainer.

I was especially bitter when I smashed it out of the park for my clients, only to learn I wasn’t going to get paid more because I had signed a contract that said the amount I earned was set in stone.

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What Is A “Lead To Close” Conversion Percentage?

Today I’d like to talk about a question I got asked today during a call with my Pay Per Lead Blueprint members.

They asked me, “how do I know what a good percentage is for “lead to closed sale” for my client?”.

It can depend on what your vertical is, what offer you’re running, is there pin verification installed etc.

There are so many variables!

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It’s Better To Fade Away Than Burn Out

“It’s better to burn out than fade away”.

That mantra was accurate in many areas of my life, whether that was going out partying or my business.

I’m forty-three now (I know! I don’t look it 😂), and now that I have gained some wisdom, I’ve come to realise that saying should be the other way around.

“It’s better to fade away than burn out”.

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