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What is it?

A book containing all the basic, need-to-know facts about generating leads in-house. 

Covering everything from hiring your marketing “dream team” to building advertorial sales funnels, it’s a gem in the form of 140 pages. 

Who is it for?

1. Businesses that sell products or services to consumers (B2Cs).

2. People who are paying third-party marketing agencies for leads and aren’t getting the results they need.

3. Business owners who are prepared to put in the effort and creativity into building an in-house digital marketing team that runs itself.

How does it work?

Like any non-fiction book. Read it, and find yourself transported into a world of lead gen-centric knowledge. 

With six years of experience crafted into the pages, the book is separated into 5 chapters. The content covers everything from “getting enough good quality leads to service your business” to “creating a sales funnel for high-quality leads”. 

Why does it exist?

Dan’s lead gen agency had been doing so well, demand for his leads had started to outweigh supply. 

Then he had a genius idea: why not teach these business owners to generate their own leads, in-house? 

Dan also knows that some marketing agencies aren’t up to his high standards. With this book, he’s killed two birds with one stone. 

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