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The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generation For B2C Business Owners

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The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generation For B2C Business Owners is an effective system for building a digital marketing team and generating all your web leads entirely in-house.

Using everything that Dan Wardrope, founder of FlexxDigital Ltd, has learned over six years of successfully running a digital marketing agency, this book makes it easy for any B2C business owner to create concrete, sustainable Facebook campaigns and hire the best and brightest staff.

Still a bit stuck? As the ultimate bonus, Dan’s included tried-and-tested “Plug and Play” templates for all your lead generation requirements.

By using The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generation, your business can:

  • Learn from the best campaigns Dan Wardrope has run, sidestepping the mistakes he’s made along the way.

  • Cut the costs of your marketing by hiring the best and brightest staff to generate all your web leads in-house.

  • Create beautiful, bespoke landing pages without spending thousands of dollars on web design.

  • Develop a “rinse and repeat” campaign strategy that’ll generate measurable results for years to come.

This book is for:

  • Businesses who sell products or services to consumers (B2Cs).

  • People who are paying third-party marketing agencies for leads and aren’t getting the results they need.
  • Business owners who know what they want. They are prepared to put in the effort and creativity to build an in-house digital marketing team that runs itself.

“One of the best books I’ve read in a long time . Concise, practical and always to the point. This is a fantastic book if you want to learn how to generate leads. There is absolutely no fluff. It is packed with value and actionable information”
– Ash Roy

“Excellent! Very clear instructions and full of inspiring stories. A great help for me that I would recommend to anyone.”
– Kmm2908

“Practical and experienced insights. Lots of really helpful ways to move your plan forward and appreciate the ups and downs of lead generation… would thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting to create a consistent supply of leads. We have put lots of this into practice with great results.”
– Annmarie Blomfield

“Amazing read for anyone who wants to learn or improve their PPC campaigns . Yes, this book does have some basic information but, damn, it’s got some golden nuggets.”
– Verified Amazon Customer

“If you’re new to PPC, this is the place for you. If you’re experienced, skip through the parts you know and focus on the strategy Dan and Polly talk about in this book. Not many smart advertisers are using advertorials and video content like him.”
– Verified Amazon Customer

What You'll Get

The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generation For B2C Business Owners

“Hello. My name’s Dan Wardrope, and I’m the founder and director of Flexx Digital Ltd, a specialised Lead Generation Agency based in the South of England. 

Since I established Flexx Digital six years ago, it’s become one of the leading players in online lead generation. It’s a trailblazer in the field.

Over the last two years, I’ve spent close to $4 million on Facebook ads and have a portfolio bursting with multi-million-dollar clients. This money isn’t from managing a client’s advertising spend; it’s all my own investment, from my own credit card, and 100% my own risk. 

As you can imagine, the pressure can be overwhelming because it’s not just my reputation at stake. Everything is on the line – from my house, to my business, to my whole way of life.”

A quick introduction from the master of Pay Per Lead himself, Dan Wardrope. 

In the opening chapter, Dan talks about his journey, from being a chemical engineer to running one of the most successful Pay Per Lead agencies in the UK. 

You’ll also find a quick guide to how this book can help you, from mastering Facebook and AdWords advertising to hiring new staff for your team. 

“As a business owner (and a soon-to-be Master Lead Generator), you presumably know what PPC advertising is. In fact, you probably pay an agency somewhere an absurd amount of money to run your PPC advertising for you. Don’t worry, that will soon change.

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is everywhere. If you’ve ever seen ads alongside your email inbox, or listed first in a search engine, or integrated into your Facebook feed, then you’ve encountered PPC advertising. Basically, PPC is an online advertising model in which marketers can display ads for products or services when consumers type relevant queries into search engines. Advertisers are only charged when a consumer clicks on their ad, hence the name ‘Pay-Per-Click’.”

Nobody cares about the quality of your leads as much as you do. From the very first chapter, you’ll find:

  • GDPR myths busted
  • The cold, hard stats about advertising via Television, Radio, Print and Direct Mail
  • How the Dollar Shave Club created a multi-million marketing venture… and what to steal off them
  • Why Facebook advertising is a marketing miracle
  • What YOU need to do to crack its code
“With business hours the way they are, it can be daunting to get through all the priorities of the day without worrying about generating leads. One way to get past this, and employed by thousands of small to medium companies, is to hire a marketing agency and leave it in their hands.

I get it. Having a whole team of people taking care of your brand seems really tempting, especially as it gives you the chance to focus your attention elsewhere. But is it a luxury you can afford?

Have you paid thousands to an agency and been left disappointed with the results? Marketing agencies charge a hefty fee for their services, and their results are often less than overwhelming.

What I’ve learned is: if you want something done correctly, you need to do it yourself.”

Unfortunately, most marketing agencies will prioritise the businesses that are paying them the most money.If you’re not a 7-figure company, not to worry. This chapter tells you why it’s actually far easier to generate your own leads in-house (in the long run). For info on how to hire your in-house marketing “dream team” check out the synopsis for Chapter 3.

“If you make the commitment to expanding your in-house team now, it’ll save a lot of headaches, wasted time and money. With a set of employees, you’ll be in control of what goes in and out of the company and when. You’ll certainly be at the top of your own priority list.”

When it comes to the art of lead gen and its many sub-branches (Facebook advertising, direct response marketing, Google AdWords etc. etc.), there isn’t any university degree.

But while it’s soothing to hire someone with 10+ years of experience, it’s a drain on your pocket.

A graduate isn’t expecting six-figures in their first job. They’ll be happy to accept lower pay in experience and training.

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation makes hiring the best and brightest a breeze.

You’ll find:

  • 5 incentives to hire a graduate.
  • Why 46% of new hires FAIL in the first 18 months, and how to stop it in its tracks.
  • How to write a captivating job description.
  • Why you should set a test task – with examples from FlexxDigital’s real hiring process.
  • The best interview techniques for businesses with a mission to succeed.
  • What the Kolbe Personality Test is and how to use it.

“Facebook absolutely can’t afford to lose its advertisers. Mobile advertising accounts for more than 90% of Facebook’s revenue growth and drives 88% of the platform’s total profit. However cautious and cynical you feel about Facebook advertising, I guarantee that Facebook is prepared to turn cartwheels to keep everyone happy.

The new “meaningful interactions” rule hasn’t stopped Facebook from acquiring a tonne of personal data on each and every one of its users. You can still use demographic and personal attributes to target an audience, as well as use Facebook’s archive of a person’s Likes, shares, posts and uploads.”

A common misconception among businesses is that Facebook advertising doesn’t work. Their product is too niche, or they’re getting an incredibly low hit-rate for far too much money.

But the problem isn’t that Facebook doesn’t work. It’s that businesses simply don’t know how to use it. My Step-By-Step Guide to the Facebook Freeway will give you:

  • The low-down on Facebook’s incredible transformation since 2007.
  • A break-down of the Facebook algorithm and how to make it cartwheel for you.
  • How to use the Facebook pixel to rock your campaigns.
  • How to hook your audience with a jaw-dropping headline.
  • A/B split testing and how much it matters.
  • A step-by-step guide to crafting a flawless advertorial.
  • The magic of Facebook video and when to shift from print to screen.

“These templates will give you an advantage over other businesses struggling to generate leads. Over the years, I have spent literally millions of dollars on producing traffic for these pages, so I know what works. I also know what looks good and what Facebook’s algorithm desperately wants to see.  After months of split-testing and trialing hundreds of designs and features, we know exactly what converts.”

In this day and age, companies can no longer get away with having a website that acts as an extended business card.

Over these years, I’ve designed hundreds – if not thousands – of landing pages and Lead Gen funnels. I identified my mistakes. I calculated what worked. And, finally, I figured out the formula for perfect funnels and landing pages.

And I’ve created a range of fool-proof templates that absolutely work. All you need to do is put in your product or service’s key information, upload, and wait for the leads to roll in faster than ever before.

I also share with you: 

  • The landing page software used for every single page produced by Flexx Digital.
  • How to apply your “plug and play” landing page templates to Unbounce.
  • How to add tracking and custom scripts, and integrate the Facebook pixel.
  • Why a mobile-friendly version of your website is must-have.

“I have shared with you my secrets when it comes to generating leads. I have shown you how to create and build campaigns, what makes a fail-proof sales funnel, how to leverage your newfound powers to find prospects on Facebook, command their attention, capture their details, nurture their trust and turn them into happy customers.

You now have a whole armoury of tactics, tips and templates to make a game plan, up it, and then change the entirety of the game forever.”

Why My Book Is Different

I know what you’re thinking. Yet ANOTHER marketing book looking to make a quick buck from the desperate and gullible.

If you’ve been burned by marketing books before, you’ll know:

  • They contain NO advice.
  • They skirt around the subject and try to get you to buy something bigger.
  • They’re loaded with knotty language and impossible to read.
  • They’re all theory and provide absolutely NOTHING practical.

I’m all too aware of this kind of book, which is why I wanted to try something radical. I wanted to cram a full six years worth of knowledge into 140 pages and make it into a go-to B2C lead gen bible.

And you can get your copy for FREE. Just head on over to the Pay Per Lead Ninjas group on Facebook and ask to join. Once you’ve been accepted, message the admin and you’ll get a FREE copy of The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generation For B2C Business Owners delivered straight to your inbox.

Or, if you don’t want that, you can always head over to and get your copy for $7.69 USD (Kindle) or $16.84 (Paperback).

I know which one I’d prefer. Just click the button below to get your copy now.

What Other People Say

"Some of the things that [Dan] and his team have discovered, systemised and are doing is at an incredible level"

"I've gotten tonnes of value out of Flexxable. It's really had a huge impact because our business is based around a lot of what you teach"

"The information is very very actionable and it makes sense. It's laid out in a way that if you follow it, you're good."