Fresh from a four-day trip to Berlin, the team have arrived back to the office buzzing with enthusiasm, ideas for new projects, and a better understanding of their individual strengths, weaknesses and interests.

Relations between co-workers are more important than you think. Without a proper sense of unity, the office will fail to reach its full potential, and problems can fester due to lack of communication.

This year, I have sent my team to Berlin in Germany, and am delighted with the slew of photos, videos and newfound creativity reflected in their work. It has been an excellent way to end a busy year, and I hope the outing increases collaboration, conversation and trust.

But it’s not all about lavish trips and bonding over a good beer. Watch the video for my top four ways to improve teamwork in the workplace.


1. How weekly team meetings can transform interdepartmental relations and output

2. Why I stopped using email to communicate with my staff members

3. How taking a little “down time” can boost team productivity in the workplace.

Have you got any more tips and tricks to help the office become a well-oiled machine? Share them in the comment boxes below!

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