As business owners, we’re woefully guilty of neglecting our holiday days, choosing to push back on family time until we’ve got all the work done.

Though it’s an admirable sentiment, delaying relaxation for too long can be bad for your physical health, mental health and work ethic.

These are all the ways working too hard is actually detrimental rather than a benefit:

1. You’re letting life pass you by.

Remember when you had friends? Perhaps a partner? Remember? No?

If your closest relationships are the ones with your laptop and phone, then you may have a problem.

Humans are naturally social animals, and we can only appease this trait by real, face-to-face contact. It’s not enough to send a couple of messages a day on WhatsApp. As you’re glued to a screen somewhere, real life is passing you by.

2. You’re pushing your cognitive abilities to the extreme.

If you’ve ever come home and caught yourself watching four straight hours of reality TV, there’s a very simple explanation for that.

Your brain can’t be running at 100% for 100% of the time. If you’re always trying to reach your peak, you’ll find yourself flatlining pretty quickly.

Indicators of an exhausted mind include anxiety, irritability, intense fatigue, a loss of enjoyment in things you used to like, and a hiatus on creativity.

3. You’re taking your work home with you.

When you’ve got multiple projects on the go, sometimes you’ll need to work a couple of evenings a week, or put in some hours over the weekend.

However, if you’re checking your emails as soon as you wake up, creating spreadsheets until late at night, and interrupting holiday time with phone calls, you need to have a rethink.

The world isn’t going to stop if you take a few days off. Be kinder to yourself; enjoy the moments you have free and use them to create good memories.

4. You’ll get far more stuff done.

Remember when you were writing a document until late into the night? When the sentences stopped making sense and common words like “results” didn’t look real anymore?

Overworking actually leads to a decrease in productivity. Having some time to yourself can help you refocus and reset your goals.

You may even find, once you’ve had time to recuperate, that the bright idea you had at 3:00 am on Thursday isn’t so brilliant after all. A break can lend you a brand-new perspective and increase pride in your accomplishments.


Time off from work may sound like an impossible prospect, but it shouldn’t. Everyone deserves to have a break, lead their own lives, and remind themselves they’re only human once in a while. After an extended holiday, 64% of people say they’re “refreshed and excited to get back to the job”.

This new outlook won’t just benefit you, it’ll help your co-workers, manager, or employees. They’ll be inspired by your new and improved attitude, and the company culture will flourish as a result.

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