Lead Generation Websites: Are They The Future Of PPC advertising?

What is a lead generation website?

A lead generation website is a website that we own as a business; it’s not owned by one of our clients, it is owned by us and it’s an asset within our business.

We buy a domain in a niche or a vertical, usually in the financial services sector where we think there’s a real demand for leads. We then drive traffic to that website using paid media or paid ads on Google AdWords, Facebook etc. We will then send traffic to that website and generate leads from that website and sell those leads on to a company on a cost-per-lead basis. That is essentially what a lead gen website is.


Why is a lead gen website better than driving traffic to a client’s website?

Each have their positives and negatives, but we like to have complete control over the process. If we’re driving traffic to a lead generation website, we can tweak the headline on the landing page, we can change the position of the form, we can change the colour of the background. We can do whatever we want because we own that asset. If we had to do that with a client and we had to go through the IT department, sometimes, as many of you might know, that takes weeks and weeks and weeks.

It’s a really good way to be able to move fast within the industry and retain complete control over your asset. The other reason why they’re so much better is because you can sell leads to more than one client through that lead generation website. For instance, let’s say you get 1,000 clicks to that lead generation website, and you get 200 leads at a 20% conversion rate. You can sell 120 of those leads to Client A and 80 of those leads to Client B. Or you could find three clients and split the leads up however you want. You can’t do that if you’re advertising directly for a client. So that is one of the main reasons why we love lead generation websites.

So, can lead generation websites be sold?

My answer is absolutely yes. In fact we are working on a project right now where we are trying to build a real brand in the lead gen space. Because you’ve got to remember that some of the comparison websites are lead generation websites. Someone came up with a clever idea and decided to build ‘Compare The Market’ that’s essentially a lead generation website, and that’s an extremely valuable business.

Traffic comes into these lead generation websites, and the leads are distributed to different companies. What this means is, you’re building a real asset, there are plenty of clients out there and plenty of businesses that would like to buy that lead generation website and take the leads away from the two other clients that you’re supplying to. They want to have that all to themselves.

Because leads are the lifeblood of all of these financial services businesses, them being able to buy an asset that you’ve built, is a great way to make quite a bit of cash, and we’re trying to do that at the moment.

How do we build lead generation websites?

We like to keep it simple. Within our office we have a videographer, we have two account managers that run our ads, and we have a design manager that works on our websites, and he doesn’t have coding skills. We haven’t got anyone within the office apart from someone that comes in and helps us occasionally, for the complicated projects. We use the platform called Unbounce, which is essentially a drag and drop website builder.

Because we only drive paid traffic to these websites, we don’t have to worry about SEO rankings or metatags. We don’t need to do that. All we need is a home page, and a landing page for each product or service that we’re trying to sell. We are able to create beautiful looking, high converting websites without any coding skills whatsoever, and we do that buy buying a URL and attaching Unbounce to that URL. Our design manager is able to drag and drop beautiful landing page designs and home page designs into that website, and that’s all that we do. It’s simple and takes two or three days, and it’s free for us, compared to forking out 10, 20, £30,000 for a complicated website which will take months to build. I recommend that when it’s not a proven concept, you want to spend as little as you can getting these lead generation websites up and running.

I would love you guys to join us in our masterclass. We run this on Thursdays for the next nine weeks. Within that masterclass we will teach you everything we do as an agency. Including building lead generation websites, how to get clients, using direct mail, LinkedIn. We talk about how to use Unbounce and we talk about how to sell leads and generate all that traffic through paid social or AdWords etc.

Please do join us on Thursdays and we look forward to seeing you there.

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