How to Stop Your Pay Per Lead Agency From Getting Burnt in Hot Weather

A little bit of an unfamiliar face this week. I’m Gavin and I am in charge of the Facebook side of things here at Flexxable.

So what exactly does hot weather do to your Facebook ads. So, it’s a question that a lot of lead generation agency owners ask and don’t always have the answers because it is quite a multifaceted approach that you need to take.

One of the techniques that we use is, we just think about it in simple, logical terms.

“There’s still the same amount of people auctioning for that click.
What ends up happening, everyone just drives each other up”

During the day when there’s good weather out, everyone wants to be outside, enjoying the sun. It’s not around very often here in the UK, so people are generally out and about, and as a result, the numbers of Facebook users go down during that time.

But, there’s still the same amount of people auctioning for that click.
What ends up happening, everyone just drives each other up, because that person becomes more valuable, and as a result, you pay more for an impression, your funnel probably still converts the exact same, but you pay more for the impressions.

Therefore, it’s probably the worst time to advertise when the volumes are low because Facebook still wants to make money. The way to combat this is to really think about the user that you’re targeting.

When would they probably get on Facebook because it’s still an addictive platform that people want to get on and they want to get their fix.

They will go on it at another time, so this is where it’s important to create different Ad sets for different times of the day and you target the different people based on different bidding strategies.

It really helps big time for us in terms of CPA and getting leads at an affordable price.

How do we plan for this as an agency, and how do we make it work for us, rather than against us. So, it’s not an ideal situation when user numbers on Facebook go down, because that reduces the number of people that you can reach. We combat it in a number of different ways.

“Keeping ahead of the game, how to alleviate pressure during low traffic periods”

One is, we always keep an eye on the weather actually. We’ve always got a tab open to see when the weather’s going to be good or bad.

When it’s going to be particularly good, we plan for that beforehand by creating new Ad sets that basically help alleviate the pressure on the certain times of day when there are low traffic volumes, but still a high portion of people trying to get that click.

During, you know, freak weather cycles like we’re going through at the moment, and to represent general people, people’s feelings and moods, is to get the images and the ad copy to reflect how, you know, the layman on the street would be feeling.

“Summer Vs Winter Ad images and copy”


At the moment it’s very hot, yeah things are going well, the World Cup’s just been on. People are happy, therefore we’re using a lot more, like, fun, uplifting images Ad copy that plays into that.

Whereas, in winter we’d completely change it and really try and pull on the heartstrings more and play into maybe some of their fears potentially.

If you’re out there at the moment, and you are on a retainer model, or you’re getting paid a certain fee every month to manage people’s clients, the hot weather will most likely be affecting in a negative way in the long run. Because your clients are not going to get the return on investment that they looking for, because you haven’t been forced to improve.

It really burns you when things aren’t going as well as they can be and you’re forced to come up with better strategies, and therefore, give the client exactly what they want and they keep ordering, keep ordering, keep ordering if you’re giving them a return on investment.

This is why the cost per lead model is the way forward because you’re getting direct feedback, they’re getting direct feedback on their investment as well. They can see just how good you are

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