If you’re a PPC consultant or a business or agency owner, I want to talk to you about scaling your Facebook campaigns to go from 10 leads a day up to 100.

This will all be for the same cost or even less. It’s literally no sweat off your back.

If you’re a PPC consultant on some kind of bonus structure, this is the No #1 way to overdeliver and push your clients into paying you way more.

If you’re a business owner and have an offer to convert, this nice little trick will feed your offer, sustain that sales funnel and take your business right up to the next level.

How Do You Do It?

This is becoming my mantra:


The first step is to take your advertising account on Facebook and make sure it’s generated at least 100 leads over the past fortnight.

This means the pixel is being seasoned. Facebook is learning that you’re converting, and it’s humming hard in the background to find the right customers for you.

Once you’ve got all this info, you can start creating a “lookalike audience”.

Lookalike audiences are basically some kind of wizardry.

When you’ve found the people who’ve visited your Thank You page and become leads, you can tell Facebook to find an audience who are exactly like those 100.

Facebook can do this in a matter of minutes because it has powers beyond our own.

Then, once you have this new audience, you can create a new ad set and advertise within that set to the lookalike audience you’ve made.

You’ll also need to take the best two or three ads that initially converted those 100 people into leads.

Put those SAME ADS to the lookalike audience. Seriously, no change necessary!

Sit back. Relax. Rinse and repeat.

You can do this ad infinitum. Get another couple of hundred leads, increase your budget, get another 200, increase your budget…

As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t increase your budget by any more than 20% a day.

Increasing your budget too quickly can be like using petrol to put out a fire. Heaping on a tonne of money can destabilise and throw off the algorithm, which will cause your ROI to MASSIVELY drop. And, when your ROI drops, you lose money. Fast.

So, increase your budget, but be sensible about it.

Overall, it’s a pretty simple equation:

The longer the advertising account is running = the more the pixel is being seasoned = the more Facebook can find the best leads for you = the smoother the ride becomes.

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