Flexxable Ibiza Retreat 2019

Flexxable Ibiza Retreat 2019

Our first ever Flexxable retreat in Ibiza was a huge success.

I think we can all agree that the villas were amazing. The entire Flexx Digital team were there, along with twelve of our Mastermind students.

But we weren’t just there to have a blast. We put on our serious “money-making” hats, and dove headfirst into some Twitter and YouTube training.

Due to Facebook’s long-term wobble, it’s time to stop just relying on the one platform. Now, thanks to our Ibiza retreat, we have extensive YouTube and Twitter training available to all our Flexxable students.

We also had a mind-blowing presentation from Digital Oyster owner, Alex Scovell. This guy managed to generate an astonishing 1.1 million leads with just one landing page.

And he shared these secrets with us, showing the group how to quadruple their landing page conversions.

Finally, I could put my students’ faces to names. I was so happy to network with like-minded people, seeing their strides in dominating the Pay Per Lead Model.

For those who sadly couldn’t come this year, we’ve made a video highlighting the best parts of the retreat.

And we’ll be doing another one next year! So, watch the video and watch this space! We can’t wait to bring more value to our students.

Don’t want to miss out? Email us about the next Flexxable Ibiza retreat (2020) at [email protected]


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