What You Need to Know About Facebook Ads Targeting in 2023

Here’s how to nail your Facebook Ads Targeting in 2023 without stressing about algorithm changes…

With all the constant new features they drop on us, Facebook Ads targeting in 2023 is more frustrating than ever.

No need to tear your hair out though…

I’ve learnt a lot last year about how to target audiences in 2023.

You can watch my definitive guide to Facebook Ads targeting in 2023 here…

#1 Optimizing Campaigns for Facebook Ads Targeting in 2023

First off, we’ve seen some issues with the Facebook conversion API…


It’s been decent optimizing at campaign level BUT terrible at ad set and ad level.

You can’t optimize inside a campaign with any confidence and therefore, campaign performance has suffered.

A lot of lead gens relying on the pixel have completely lost control with Facebook Ads Targeting in 2023.

We’ve rolled with the punches and combated this by using lead forms.

The conversion tracking is spot on – it’s like throwing a dart at a bullseye made of dollar bills.

If your team can create a Lead Magnet opt-in, a number of awesome things can happen with your targeting.

Getting someone that might not have been interested before to go through a lead form funnel is pretty impressive since you can keep selling to them down the line.

But not only that, you can target opens and submits of the lead form, allowing you to create lookalikes and custom audiences off the back of these.

It works like gangbusters.

#2 Target Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are not like they used to be.

iOS14 threw us a curveball.

The traditional way of creating lookalike audiences with the pixel worked like a charm.

9 out of 10 of our most successful campaigns were lookalike-based audiences.

But what we’ve found since iOS14 is that they’ve dropped like a stone.

For our Facebook Ads Targeting in 2023, we’ve found a solution.

You can create lookalike audiences off the back of lead form opens and submits!

The best way to do this is to get at least 500 lead form submits or 1k opens before you create a lookalike audience.

That data is 100% accurate.

Here’s a tip for those of you worried about rising cost per leads in ad sets: overlay these new lookalikes with interest-based targeting.

This one-two-punch will give you super cheap CPL’s and ad sets that don’t fatigue.

Want more deets on the trends in performance-based marketing?

Check out our Flexxable YouTube Channel…

#3 Interest Based Audiences for Facebook Ads Targeting in 2023

Interest based audiences are making a huge comeback for Facebook Ads Targeting in 2023.

I predicted this last year because of IOS14.

They’ve been fundamental in 2022 and they’re going to stay that way.

The data Facebook is tracking inside the platform still paints a good picture of what people are interested in.

If you don’t have the luxury of lookalikes or custom audiences, they’re a great way to start a campaign.

Especially if you want to narrow an audience size to people who are more likely to convert inside your funnel.

Grouping those different interest audiences together until you’ve dialed in your winning hook or creative will bring the size of your audience down on a smaller budget.

Really try and go narrow first before you scale your campaigns.

Once you hit 500 conversions, you can start ramping it up.

#4 Custom Audiences

So now you know how to get a good base level audience to start with for your Facebook Ads Targeting in 2023.

Making sure you get good data is key to the success of your campaigns.

That could be via a custom email list and lead form submits or opens.

This data needs to be right before you start playing with custom audiences.

With the Facebook Conversion API you can set up micro conversions throughout your funnel to make custom audiences off the back of.

To start measuring what people’s attributes are, consider setting up a LeadsHook Quiz, where you can find out all the information you need, such as their age, the car they want to buy and how much money they owe.

Pour the data from your CRM back into Facebook and use that to create custom audiences.

The other way to create effective custom audiences is through in-app experiences.

That will be the most accurate data for your Facebook Ads Targeting in 2023.

In conclusion: My top 5 tips to smash it out of the park with your Facebook Ads Targeting in 2023 is…

  1. Lead forms
  2. Lead Magnets
  3. Lookalike Audiences
  4. Interest Based Audiences
  5. Custom Audiences 

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