Building Your Pay Per Lead Dream Team

First whiteboard video back in the office, for what has felt like, a very long time!

In honour of getting back together, I have decided to do today’s video on how I built my amazing pay per lead marketing team that surrounds me today.

Now, I know you think differently than me and will probably want to do your hires in a different order.

For example, you might dread doing sales so you will want to hire someone to handle the client acquisition right away, instead of doing it last like me.


You kick ass at managing account but struggle with writing copy for your ads, so your priority would be to hire a skilled copywriter.

Either way, you need to identify your strengths and hire someone to work your weaknesses to keep the business growing.

Trust me; you can not do everything yourself. Focus on what you are good at and invest in hiring for the rest.

In today’s video, I show you how I have built my marketing team, watch it, you might get some ideas on the hires you are missing in your agency.


Video Transcript

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