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Fresh back from my trip to Sri Lanka, I am really excited to share with you some things I learned on my travels. Lead generation is a rapidly expanding market in the far east, because of that we’ve decided to broaden our horizons and move into the South and South East Asian market. From what I’ve seen and discussed with business owners and corporate organisations there’s a potential gap in the market and some great opportunities that don’t really exist in the UK anymore. 

You can generate clicks and likes for a really cheap price in this market because of the large and dense population. Things are getting more expensive in these countries which is great for the cost per lead agency model that we are teaching our students how to master in our course.

Even though the leads that we can generate in this Asian market are less than here in the UK, America, Europe or Canada, they are not a million miles off from figures that we are used to. This is a huge opportunity that I want to share with you all. This could help you open up more doors when it comes to prospecting clients and scaling your agency. Even if it’s our neighbours in France or Spain, it is good to branch out to other countries and see if your services can help them.

Remember, Lead Generation is a global service, and you never know what opportunities will be around the corner for you.



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